Relocation of Network
Stage Service/stage Action Documents Required By whom Applicable fee Turn-Around Time
1 Properly fill in LEC’s  Form  A and B Passport/ ID (Copy) Your Electrician No fee  Applicable
2 Survey Application Apply for Survey at LEC National ID  Customer No fee Applicable Within 10 working days



Collect and sign the


Customer N/A Will expire in 60 Days from the date the quotation was created if there’s no payment made
4 Service Connection Pay the amount on the quotation as per the terms and conditions of the quotation Copy of the quotation Customer

60% when quotation is more than M2000.00.


100% if quotation is below M2000.00

Within 6 weeks from the date of payment regardless of whether quotation was fully settled or 60% paid.
5 Commission Inspection of Service Connection Planning and Projects(LEC) Within 7 working days