Definition and Purpose
In this era, companies are encouraged to show their commitment and responsibility towards the community and its environment by investing in both ecological and social projects, and the Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC) has not been an exception over the years.
Donating to and offering sponsorships to the needy, orphanage homes, less privileged community associations, and the disadvantaged community members that include the elderly, disabled and orphaned children, has added more social value to the company thereby enabling it to promote its brand as it helps to build customer loyalty, based on distinctive ethical values.

Through its Social Responsibility Policy, LEC ensures the following:
• Apply a fair and transparent way of offers/donations made to the needy.
• Deter favoritism and preference for or against certain individuals or organizations over others.
• Avoid repeated offers extended to same individuals or organizations.
• Apply a systematic approach which allows prioritization of donations per annum and deters haphazard offers that are done based on any individual’s discretion.


Application Process
The application process is as follows:
• Applications for donations shall be addressed to the Managing Director in writing.
• The Managing Director shall forward requests to General Manager-Corporate Services for advice/discussion.
• PR shall identify organizations in need on annual basis, and make recommendations to the management to donate.
• PR shall prepare an annual social responsibility programme based on the already existing commitments, new requests and others to be received later in the financial year, and consequently budget for Social Responsibility activities.
• General Manager-Corporate Services, shall present the annual programme to the management soliciting approval.
• Subsequent to approval of the program, PR will implement the programme as approved.
• New deserving requests received after approval of the programme, shall be approved, funds permitting, by General Manager-Corporate Services upon recommendation by Head of PR department.

• The approved requests shall be communicated to the applicants in writing.
• PR will facilitate payment process of approved applications/offers.
• PR will coordinate donations that may be made by LEC employees.

• Regrets shall be conveyed to the applicants in writing.