The recent visit of Honourable Minister of Energy, Professor Nqosa Mahao, marked his first tour of the company since assuming office. During his address, the Minister highlighted the pressing issues faced by LEC, including financial and labour-related challenges exacerbated by an upcoming maintenance shutdown at the Muela power plant.

He emphasized his proactive approach, having convened roundtable consultations with key stake-holders, including LEC Executive Management, technocrats, and representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority. The collective aim is to chart a new strategic direction for improved operational efficiency, with restructuring being considered as a viable option endorsed by the cabinet.

In response to queries from employees regarding the ongoing realignment exercise, the Minister clarified that while such efforts are underway, a comprehensive analysis will be conducted to determine whether to proceed with the current approach or initiate a separate restructuring process. He stressed the importance of addressing employee concerns and pledged regular engagement with all stakeholders, recognizing that a content workforce is integral to the success of any organization.